Rolex Sea Dweller Diving Watch – the Beginning of a Legend

img_3868Replica rolex launched the rolex oyster perpetual Sea Dweller wrist watch to be the top one diving watch, in 1988, the French diving company Comex’s Hydra VIII task, with a record 534 meters depth refreshed the record of the open water immersion in the world, and the divers during the task period all worn the rolex oyster perpetual Sea Dweller wrist watches. This heralded a period of legend to begin.

The key of the deep, the original exhaust valve of the helium

Sea Dweller appeared in 1967, with the waterproof as deep as 610 meters (2000 feet), and then increased to 1220 meters (4000 feet) in the year of 1978 which was designed for Deep submergence pioneer such as the submarine personnel and hydrosphere explorers, to swim in the waters which is covering nearly 70% of the earth’s surface. Sea Dweller and divers also must adapt to mixed gas, the gas is designed for high pressure environment, and it is composed of the lightweight gas such as helium or hydrogen for breathing. In order to release the gas safely and avoid decompression of the deadly disease, in front of the brewing water, divers must reduce pressure for a long time, and watches must be through the same process.

We can see that the rolex sea dweller replica in 1967 joined the patented important device ─ helium valve, which was assembled in the case of safety valve, in the increasingly popular scuba diving activity plays an important role, and the Comex is a leading brand in the category of this. The Comex company founder and President Henri Germain Delauze are the forerunner of deep-sea diving, he talked about his favorite watch: “for divers breathing hydrogen, rolex watch is indispensable.” He explained: “when diving, time is crucial. Whether it is a basic operation, changing the composition of the mixed gas and the time duration of the calculating stress or in and out of the bell, a second can’t go wrong. Therefore, the precise, solid, reliable wrist watch is indispensable.”

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