Rolex Swiss replica watches

18Day-date Series

Day-date II is the symbol of noble and pure. This oyster watchcase only uses 905 platinum and 18CT gold. The outer ring has three types which are triangle grooved, polish or inlay magnificent gem. At the same time, Rolex day date replica has a series of exquisite surface which has different color and different materials, According to their personality, taste and need the wearer can choose the suitable one.

Rolex Explorer Series

Rolex Explorer watches was formed with some experiences of challenge the Himalayas, This rolex explorer replica was born in 1953 and in honour of the people who was the first successful board the Zhumulangma Feng. This watch make with 904L stainless steel, the black dial plate equipped with luminous hour mark and set increase Arabic numerals at the location of three, six and nine o’clock, clearly and readability. The design of this type can make sure that even in the dark environment people still can read the time clearly and this is very important for the explorer.

Rolex GMT-MASTER Series

The black blue circle of GMT-MASTER except has difference zoon time display and also has Perfect with exterior. Not only suitable the wearer who often travel around the world, But also suitable to wear go any occasion.

Except has traditional Clock, minute hand and the second hand, GMT-MASTER II equipped with a independent 24 hours pointer and 24 hours gradual model of bi-rolling scale outer ring. The 24 hours pointer show the reference time of the first time zoon, Can through the opposite outer ring scale to read time. When traveling, people can know the local time through the traditional Clock. This watch adopt independent timing jump pointer, the wearer can timing the time through the cochain crown. And will not affect the operation of minute hand and second hand.



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