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Patterns on the watch

Rolex influence on the whole watch market was that he invented the first water-proof watch, and named it after Oyster Case—it is as tight as an oyster. This name was passed down and can be found on the case back, and most importantly: it can be open only through the tools that are invented by Rolex. In 1931, Rolex promoted the first Oyster perpetual watch that has an automatic winding movement, and it is wound up through the rotating rotor. In order to be more practical, Hans Wildsdorf integrated a more useful feature: a date display. It is close to the real edition: three hands, and a date aperture on the window. All the other Rolex watches then follow this Oyster case and developed, and most of them still sticks to the three hands design, which makes it look simple and useful.

rolex replicas swiss made

rolex replicas swiss made

In 1957, Rolex changes the design of Perpetual Datejust. As the new Calibre 1065, the case back is flat, and has the date aperture, what comes with the change of appearance is the price. Datejust Jubilee was sold at a high price. in 1965, Rolex once again changed the movement, and introduced the famous CAlibre 1570. From 1972, this astrological watch can do the very precise adjustment, which is the stop second. Two years later, Rolex launched the sapphire mirror watches.

In 1962, 16 watches companies gathered together and then developed the first quartz movement—Beta 21. As it felt alienated by peers, Rolex did not get involved. But later it developed the Oyster Quartz in its own lad. Rolex Datejust OysterQuartz Ref.17000 is listed in the category in 1977. This was a quartz movement but it turned out to be a failure. Rolex Oyster Datejust steel edition or white gold edition jumped in to the line of classic watches. From 1970th to 1980th, even a used Rolex was sold for 2,000 Eur.

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